The mission of Pacific Gateway Center is to empower immigrants, refugees, and low-income  gain access to opportunities and services through the building of skills that lead to self-sufficiency.  Inherent in our mission is a deep respect for the integrity of diverse cultures represented by our targeted population and the communities we serve.

PGC is driven by its organizational values of aloha, creativity, diversity, humor, integrity, mutual respect, teamwork and food.  These values are foundational to all PGC operations.


Since its inception in 1973, Pacific Gateway Center (PGC), a community-based non-profit, has been devoted to empowering immigrants, refugees, (includes human trafficking victims) and low-income residents. Innovative strategies and commitment to providing programs and delivery of social services, economic development and education and training initiatives have helped us achieve our mission of leading these disadvantaged groups to self-sufficiency.

PGC was founded by the Palama Council of Churches in Hawai‘i. In 1984, it was  incorporated as an independent organization with its own governing Board of Directors with the private, non-profit 501 (c) (3) status under the name of Kalihi-Palama Immigrant Service Center located at St. Elizabeth’s Church. This was followed by a subsequent a name change to the Immigrant Center in response to the dramatic increase in Asian and Pacific Islands immigrants to Hawaii and the continental United States. In 1999, the Immigration Center officially changed its name to the Pacific Gateway Center.

As Hawaii’s Refugee Resettlement Agency, we currently have close to 300 refugee clients who have a variety of critical, daily needs. As such, PGC is responsible for ensuring all core and basic services are met including access to public services, housing, food, medical, legal, education, public transportation and other benefits.  

Part of our services include the Hawaii Language Bank with interpreters and translators to support the limited-English proficient in Hawaii and language access. PGC also provides English-as-a-Second Language classes, citizenship classes to prepare the foreign-born for naturalization, and immigration services and advocacy.