Human Trafficking

Anti-Trafficking Programs and Services

Hawaii has been identified as a major hub of human trafficking – a form of modern slavery.  Victims can be young girls and women who are forced into prostitution . . . immigrant farmers lured to Hawaii with false promises by recruiters and domestic servants and laborers from other countries as well as our own local community.  They could be someone you know.  

PGC is a service provider to victims of human trafficking.  PGC provides comprehensive case management to include intake, assessment, emergency response, prevention and outreach services, coordination with law enforcement agencies, referral to legal/mental/behavioral health services, affordable housing, employment, education, and cultural/linguistic services.

PGC spearheaded 808HALT, a coalition of community partners in health, law, military, law enforcement, government, education, business, and cultural civic organizations to promote public awareness and education on human trafficking as a critical part of our role as a grantee in the Rescue & Restore Victims of Human Trafficking's national campaign.

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Human Trafficking Prevention and Services

Pacific Gateway Center engages in outreach and education to increase public awareness for victim identification and human trafficking prevention through the work of the Rescue and Restore Coalition: 808HALT. Flyers are available in over 10 different languages.  To learn more about trafficking in Hawaii including multi-lingual short videos about Hawaii trafficking, visit:

Victims of human trafficking may be eligible for social service programs at Pacific Gateway Center through our refugee and human trafficking victim assistance programs. Pacific Gateway Center works with victims prior to their certification by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and post-certification and can provide services in-language for those with limited English proficiency. 

Partnership for Freedom

Pacific Gateway Center named Finalist in Partnership for Freedom

Innovation Competition seeks new ideas to support 

human trafficking survivors in the United States

In Hawaii in 2010, 400 farm laborers from Thailand were liberated in the largest human trafficking case in U.S. history.  

Nearing 2014, these trafficked survivors still face daunting challenges finding jobs that pay livable wages; securing affordable, safe housing; accessing credit and social services; and assimilating into their adopted homeland.  

Building on their farm skills, PGC’s proposed concept – the replicable “Homes for a New Horizon (HNH)” is an integrated, vertical “cluster community” system of micro-farms; affordable green housing; and on-site classroom, produce cooling and food preparation facilities that offer the first 20 of these survivors and their families an innovative path toward greater socio-economic security.