A Message from our Executive Director

"We are pleased to share information and resources about organization that is driven by providing programs and initiatives that lead socially disadvantaged and marginalized population sectors -- immigrants, refugees, and low-income residents -- to achieving self-sufficiency. This mission leads us to involvement in areas of human rights, social justice, social services, economic development, environmental programs, and social enterprises.  

Celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2013, we have grown from being the Immigration Center assisting with forms and required photos to the design and implementation of job training centers, the opening of the first culinary kitchen incubator in Hawaii, and creation of the Hawaii Language Bank that provides translation and interpretation services in close to 35 languages.  In addition, the Pacific Gateway Center's clients contribute to Hawaii's food security and farm-to-table initiatives as active and productive farmers. Our key focus is on entrepreneurship; that is, as a community development financial institution, we are able to support small business start-ups whether it be on a farm, in retail, or in food-related businesses to assist our clients towards self-reliant and productive lives with training, technical assistance, and micro-loans.

Our website will share many of the success stories and why we feel working closely with those who are vulnerable or in need provide us with such inspiration.

Looking towards the future, we know Pacific Gateway Center will continue to be a key non-profit institution in providing visionary, innovative and effective leadership in implementing programs and initiatives to meet the needs of the traditionally under served.  As we face the greatest period of human migration in history, Pacific Gateway Center's mission and its belief in community partnerships serve to assist with this challenge.

With Aloha,"

Dr. Tin Myaing Thein